Temporary Fencing NZ

For events, construction sites and works in public areas, quality temporary fencingHire or Purchase is important for security, safety and compliance for NZ site workers as well as the general public.

Beyond obligatory paperwork completion, complying to regulations can benefit the contractor, too – you know you're using quality products that will withstand environmental forces and you are more likely to be covered in the unlikely event of a mishap.

In New Zealand, SafeSmart Access are the leaders in crowd control and site protection barriers that are easy to install, are strong and are compliance-driven in their design. Features high-grade galvanised tube, aluminium ledgers and braces, and a quick to use clip system.

Why Safesmart Access

Trusted supplier for almost 20 years

Responsive personal service everytime

We deal with ethics and integrity

Scaffolding and height access equipment

Inhouse design and manufacturing for full customization